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Caring for your Smile when you have Braces

Posted on 10-08-2015

Many invest money each month on braces.  Whether they are your braces or your child’s or both,IT IS IMPORTANT TO PROTECT THAT INVESTMENT by taking some extra precautions to keep your teeth healthy during your orthodontic treatment.  

Children especially strugglekeeping their teeth clean while in braces.  If your teeth are not cared for properly, expensive and sometimes permanent damage to your teeth may occur, such as cavities, gum disease, and white marks (decalcification lesions).  Along with home treatment, taking care of your teeth often means more frequent preventative cleanings at the dentist.  It is worth the price of an extra cleaning to keep your teeth and gums healthy and ready to look beautiful when your braces are removed. Talk to Dr. Butterfield about whether an extra cleaning would be recommended for you or your child.   

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