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Occasionally, you or someone you care about may experience a dental emergency. Here at Stone Creek Dental, our doctors are on-call after hours for emergency consultations and treatment. These emergencies include sports injuries, as well as other accidents that affect the jaw or teeth. For children, this often involves chipping a tooth or the loss of a tooth. For adults, dental emergencies range from accidents to the more common emergency of tooth or jaw pain and swelling. No matter the nature of the emergency, it is important to be seen by your trusted dentist here at Stone Creek Dental to review the issues and set forth a treatment plan to help your mouth heal and to alleviate your pain.

At Stone Creek Dental, we strive to encourage the prevention of tooth injury. We make custom sports mouth guards and night guards to prevent the chipping of teeth. We also recommend regular dental checkups to catch problems when they are small, but sometimes a tooth can flare up very quickly to a large infection causing pain overnight.

No matter the emergency, it brings peace of mind to know you have a dentist you can trust. Stone Creek Dental always has one of our doctors on-call for emergencies. If the emergency is during office hours, our staff will often work you in during the day. If the emergency occurs outside of regular office hours, call us and you will be given a phone number to contact Dr. Butterfield or Dr. Blaser and discuss your symptoms and together decide the best time to meet at the office for evaluation and treatment.  We are here to serve your dental needs, including regularly scheduled appointments and the unfortunate event of a dental emergency. 

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