Restorative Dentistry


It is in the best interest of our overall long term health to maintain our own natural teeth.  At Stone Creek Dental we value preventive care but also understand that restorative treatment is eventually needed in some measure for all of us.  From filling a small cavity to root canal therapy we value restoring the health and beauty of each tooth, as well as providing treatment to prevent further decay.  If small problems are not taken care of, they eventually become large problems and more costly to restore.  We recommend regular check-ups which include oral pathology examscleanings, and x-rays when needed to catch issues when they are small and prompt scheduling of treatment that is recommended by our dental professionals to help you maintain your natural teeth for a lifetime.  If you desire to improve the health of your smile no matter how good or bad your oral hygiene has been in the past, we can help you!  Some dental problems, such as early stages of gum disease are reversible, so don't hesitate to contact us today for your restorative dental needs.

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