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Cindi M

Cindi is the Lead Administration and heart of our front office team. Her wealth of dental knowledge is the result of over thirteen years’ experience. Cindi’s humor and quick wit keeps us all on our toes and patient’s coming back for more! Her ability to remember patient names and connect with each of them shows how much she puts into her role here at Stone Creek. Cindi found her husband after 28 years of searching for someone to go to the movies with. He charmed his way into her life and with eight children and 17 grandchildren between the two of them, they are living the dream. When Cindi is not being a hands-on grandma, she is scoring deals at garage sales and road tripping with her husband throughout Idaho and Oregon. Check out her funky fresh earrings when you come in for your visit, she’s always got a new pair!
Fun Fact: Cindi studied with a concert pianist for ten years.


Cindy V

Cindy is the most cheerful piece of our front office pie! She’s been working in dental offices since she was 18 years old, where she began as a Dental Assistant and eventually found her niche helping patients out of the chair, at the front desk. Cindy was raised in Colorado where she found her husband of 34 years at a church group. Story has it, his “hunkish” looks were magnetic, but his eyes only saw Cindy. Together, they’ve raised three beautiful children, moved to Idaho and are now reaping the benefits of two grandchildren, who are jam packed full of personality. As happy empty nesters, they spend their weekends Jeeping in the Sawtooths , exploring unknown roads. Cindy explores her creative talents by taking pictures of their mountain adventures and the lost art of scrapbooking. She says she enjoys reminiscing through memories as she flips through the pages. Cindy is vital to our team and fills the office with her positivity, making everyone feel loved. Even patients get hugs!

Fun Fact: Cindy was a cheerleader in High School and cheered for the Denver Broncos and Denver Nuggets.



Mina is the happy smiling face you see when you first enter the office.  She has been working in the dental field for five years, and loves what she does! Her favorite part of her job is to help patients understand and maximize their benefits with their insurance. We love that she is invested in each of our patients and aims to make their experience in the office enjoyable. Mina is married to the love of her life and mom of two. Together they enjoy camping on the river, downtown events and golfing. Her favorite place in the world is Laguna Beach and wishes Bath & Body Works would make a candle that smells like seaweed.

Fun Fact: Mina has seen The Backstreet Boys in concert twice. Separated by 20 years.



Karri is our Lead Dental Assistant, which means she keeps Dr Butterfield’s operatory team running smoothly. Her pursuit for Idaho’s outdoor gems brought her to Boise over 30 years ago. Karri raised her son here in the Treasure Valley and is a proud mama, describing him as a strong and honorable young man. The other half of her heart belongs to her seven year old Springer Spaniel, Abby. Karri is in constant motion as she bikes dirt trails, snowshoes with friends and hikes countless mountains. She says that Mother Nature provides a quiet that is unique to the daily grind. If it’s September, you can bet Karri will be on her annual trip to the Oregon Coast, eating good food and getting her fill of the salty sea air. She captures her happy moments of travel with her camera and uses the snapshots to journal the memories. Karri sets high expectations for herself and genuinely wants her patient’s to receive the best possible care. You are in good hands with Karri.

Fun Fact: Karri traveled to Australia to cuddle with a baby koala. Crikey!



Denessa is a part of our Dental Assisting team. She was born and raised here in Idaho and did her senior project in high school on dentistry. With such a young interest in dental assisting, Denessa took the fast track and graduated from The Milan Institute of Boise. The role of dental assisting allows Denessa to do what she is best at, building relationships with her patients and keeping monotony at bay with the variety that a full schedule brings. Denessa and her husband, AJ have recently welcomed a tiny new baby girl to their family. Lucky for them, they have a spunky pre-teen who will be an amazing big sister! Denessa admits to being a shopaholic and vows to never stop, her Amazon driver would miss her too much. Denessa brings a nurturing vibe to the office and we are so happy to have her here.

 Fun Fact: Denessa did karate for eight years and still wears her black belt to work, every once in a while, to remind us what’s up. 



Our Dental Assistant Team would not be complete without the sunny personality that is Leilani. Leilani was following in her family’s footsteps when she set out to become a dental assistant, and in the process revealed her natural talent for patient care. She brings extra love and an honest approach to her patient’s experience. She loves her job, but also has a lot of love in her life including her tiny tot, Melik. This little man keeps her up to speed on all things related to “Big Scary Robots” and Dinosaurs, so she considers herself very lucky. Summertime is pleasantly busy for Leilani. She looks forward to days on the lake with her family and charity fun runs that she is passionate about. Throughout the year she makes her way through Boise’s latest eateries with her beau. They’re in the process of perfecting the best homemade fries. Leilani works hard every day to help patients feel comfortable when they come to Stone Creek Dental.

Fun Fact: Leilani lettered in wrestling, beginning her sophomore year, on an all-boys team.



McKayla is a part of our Dental Assisting team. After winning Student of the Month awards at Carrington College, McKayla started her dental career locally and is now at full speed here at Stone Creek Dental. McKayla’s fascination with dentistry started at the age of eight when she lost three baby teeth in one day! This may also be the reason why she looks forward to oral surgery cases. McKayla’s birth certificate shows she is from Southern California, but she truly belongs here in Idaho where she can explore more camping and mountain biking with her husband, Jeremy and two Labradors. This family is all about those loveable labs. In fact, McKayla’s chocolate lab clocks in at 120lbs! That is a lot of love. McKayla has been such a valuable addition as we continue to grow our Stone Creek Dental team!

 Fun Fact: McKayla once took the wrong turn on the freeway and ended up in Mexico on accident with no ID!



Richard received his Dental Hygienist Degree in 2008 and soon after became a part of the Stone Creek Dental Family. He recalls, as a young teen, having an awful experience in the dental chair that left a lasting impression. This bad memory has motivated him to focus on alleviating patient fears, with an empathetic approach. Growing up in Alaska, Richard had had enough of winters that lasted nine months, so he hit the road for Boise. He’s been a self-proclaimed Idahoan ever since. In 2013 Richard married his lovely wife and began a family. He now takes orders from his darling daughter. Richard is a handyman by nature and spends his free time elbows deep in home renovations. Ask him about his custom cabinets! When the weather gets warm he is off to Arrowrock Reservoir with his family, Jet Ski’s in tow. In fact, working on his collection of Jet Ski’s is a passion of his; pulling apart their engines and customizing them. Richard brings added entertainment to the office with his pranks and playful personality. He wants your trip to the dentist to be one that you look forward to, not dread.

Fun Fact: Richard speaks five languages; none of them are recognizable by any other country/culture. #hemadethemup



Christi is one of our Registered Dental Hygienists, here at Stone Creek. Hailing from a farm in La Grande, Oregon, Christi offers our patients over 30 years of hygiene and patient care expertise. Christi says the variety of patients that come to her chair is what she enjoys most. Her soft spoken tone and endearing personality brings a nurturing flavor to what is often a visit most people try to avoid. Christi has done it all; from personal fitness, to raising two children (whom she adores), to trekking across Canada on a BMW motorcycle with her husband of eight years. Riding her bike up to Bogus Basin solely to watch the sunset or out to Swan Falls are some of her most cherished moments. Master of hobbies, Christi finds time to fill her world with gardening, quilting and reading historical fiction. She aims to send every patient away informed, with greater knowledge for creating healthy dental habits at home.

Fun Fact: Christi participated in a body building competition.



Sierra is a member of our hygiene team. She has been keeping teeth clean since 2014 when she graduated as Summa Cum Laude at the College of Southern Idaho. With a general dentist for a dad, Sierra has been comfortable running around a dental office since she was a young girl. She admits that, as a “picker” she takes great satisfaction from removing heavy calculus deposits and seeing the end results. She also looks forward to getting to know her patients and having one-on-one time with each one. At home, Sierra can talk about work without blank stares because her husband also works in the dental field as an Oral and Maxillofacial Radiologist; they try to keep “shop talk” limited to maintain sanity. Together, they take a break from dental to chat it up with their son, Ronin who has a lot to say about his favorite Disney characters, trucks, and sports. Their youngest, Tanik is too little to do much more than eat and sleep but we are sure he will soon be keeping up with his older brother. Sierra and her little family are summertime adventurers. They enjoy rafting, swimming, boating, and surfing when the weather lets them. Sierra adds so much to our team and is a                                                                              fan favorite with our patients. 

Fun Fact: Sierra has been scuba certified since the age of 14!  



Nicole joined us at Stone Creek Dental in 2013 as a Dental Hygienist. She enjoys taking time getting to know her patients and customizing their care according to their dental needs. Nicole came to the Treasure Valley 17 years ago, fell in love with the seasons and stayed to raise her three sons. She’s been married to her husband for ten years, and welcomed his two children into her world. The happy couple enjoys traveling from California to Vegas to Portland, jamming out at music festivals and concerts. Nicole still raves about their trip to Salt Lake City to see Elton John and Billy Joel. She also has a special bond with her garden, admitting that she enjoys pulling weeds as her own personal therapy and fending away pigeons at all costs. Nicole wants her patients to feel comfortable when they come to their appointments, so sit back, relax and if you’re lucky you’ll enjoy one of Nicole’s hilarious stories!

Fun Fact: At the young age of 11, Nicole was pulling loose teeth for the kids in her neighborhood with a hot towel.

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